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Communication training that inspires transformation, through connection and interaction to reclaim your confidence!

What we do

At ImprovYou, we’re a soft skills training organisation with a difference! Our unique methodology of educational concepts blended with improvised learning activities will fast track your transformation. We customise all programs to ensure maximum value as we’re dedicated to helping individuals and businesses unlock their full potential.

Public Speaking

Communicate with confidence, clarity and impact! This program is tailored for individuals and groups in any industry to become highly effective communicators.

Leadership Development

Become a leader worth following and maximise your career opportunities! Establish a team of high performers and boost productivity with a connected culture.

Client Relations

Establish meaningful relationships that delight your clients! Develop the skills to build rapport, establish trust and demonstrate value to deliver consistent memorable client experiences.

Team Building

Transform internal relationships, connections and team collaboration with the perfect blend of fun and practical activities.

Team Culture

Supercharge your team towards connection, productivity and alignment! Unite the team to live your organisation’s values every single day.

Mindset Empowerment

Release limiting beliefs, clarify what success looks like and establish high performing habits! Deep dive into your mind and reclaim your best self. 

Customer Transformation
with Kennedy Reid

We love making a difference

With over 20 years of experience blending educational concepts with interactive training, we can hand on heart say it’s impactful and empowering.

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“Everyone is worthy of being seen and heard”


What provides me with my greatest joy is reaching a connection with a person, which is true and authentic. Then utilising this connection to facilitate what’s great within everyone to come out beyond the surface, expressing themselves without the fear of judgement and sharing their vision for what sparks a light within them.

The feeling of being seen, heard and to know that what a person has to share matters is one of the greatest offerings we can contribute!

Winner of Multiple Awards

Interactive training Programs with a difference

Our point of difference is embedded in our use of improvisation exercises for all participants to shed their inhibitions and enjoy the creative process of transformation and self-development.

Ready to take the next step?

ImprovYou creates a safe space that’s filled with energy, creativity and dedication. 

Find your voice

Our goal is to create a safe environment that allows us to build an authentic connection with you and identify your needs

Play and practice

Our focus on improvised activities helps you shed your inhibitions, apply the learnings and enjoy the process of self-development.

Embody the transformation

We tailor our learning style to empower your development and provide ongoing support for sustained transformation. 

Potential unlocked!

Witnessing the outcomes of your desired goal come to life, thrills us. We love partnering with you to help achieve your potential. Let’s celebrate!

“We make training and development fun, interactive and practical”

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Want to know how ImprovYou is leaving lasting impressions on individuals and organisations? Try our complimentary one-off session, before you commit.

“Your voice matters”

Sonia Gregory

Director at DVA, Australian Government

“You will be impressed by Kristian’s dedication and passion. His commitment to helping individuals discover their true potential through one-to-one coaching is truly commendable. His tailored approach, focused on effective communication, confidence-building, and recognising unique talents, shows how much he cares about his clients’ growth. Kristian deserves recognition for the positive impact he makes on people’s lives.”

Montana Beruldsen

Sydney Swans Athlete

“Kristian’s passion to find the fuel that’ll power your engine is inspirational, challenging and very rewarding! I’ve enjoyed being coached by Kristian, whether that be via his creative ways in working through problems, to using analogies to cement ideas together or his explanations backed by scientific knowledge. All of this has resulted in an incredibly positive change in my daily life and own thinking.”

Rose Moufarrej

Recruitment Team Lead at ALDI 

I have always struggled with public speaking and have experience anxiety and uneasiness when asked to do so. I recently had the pleasure of taking part of Kristian’s Effective Communication for Emerging Leaders program, where each class focused on gaining confidence in the different elements of public speaking. Kristian made me feel comfortable and provided me with valuable tips and tricks when it came to speaking in front of large groups of people. Post his training, I was asked to do a speech at a wedding, and I found myself utilising what Kristian taught me – which definitely helped my confidence and ability to speak well. I would highly recommend taking part in this program. Thanks Kristian!!

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