Public speaking consistently ranks among people’s biggest fears. The anxiety it brings can be overwhelming, but understanding the common pattern of this fear can help you manage and overcome it. Here’s a breakdown of the five phases of fear and three effective tips to disconnect from the fear of public speaking.

The Five Phases of Public Speaking Fear

  1. The Event: Your boss has asked you to present to the entire workforce.
  2. Symptoms: You start to feel nervous and uneasy.
  3. Thoughts: Your mind races, thinking of worst-case scenarios.
  4. FFF Response: Your body’s natural response when feeling triggered—Fight, Flight, or Freeze.
  5. Freak Out: You over-internalise and whip yourself into a frenzy.

Understanding these phases can help you recognize and interrupt the cycle of fear. Here are three tips to help you disconnect from the fear of public speaking:

1. Picture Your Ideal Outcome

Close your eyes and imagine everything going exceptionally well. Visualising success can boost your confidence and create a positive mindset.

2. Journal Your Positive Thoughts

Write down key words that capture your ideal outcome. Use an A3-sized paper to document these words and stick it up on your wall where you can see it every day. This constant reminder reinforces positive thinking and reduces anxiety.

3. Call Out the Fear

Identify the fear and give it a name. Reaffirm to yourself, “I no longer need you, ‘Bob’, I am ready.” By personifying your fear and addressing it directly, you can diminish its power over you.

By understanding the phases of fear and applying these three tips, you can effectively disconnect from the fear of public speaking and approach your next presentation with confidence.

Need Further Support?

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