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Kristian is fuelled by a passion for authentic connections, individual empowerment, and the transformative journey of self-development. In 2016, he founded ImprovYou, an innovative soft skills training organisation that sets itself apart by seamlessly blending educational principles with engaging improvised learning activities.

As the visionary founder, Kristian has cultivated a unique approach to communication training at ImprovYou, aiming to inspire transformation through genuine connection and interactive experiences that empower individuals to reclaim their confidence.

Before venturing into the realm of self-development and training, Kristian dedicated 20 years to the corporate world, navigating roles in the insurance industry. Seeking a more impactful path, he made the pivotal decision to transition to founding ImprovYou. This shift reflects Kristian’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of others and leveraging his extensive corporate experience for a greater purpose.


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Our Story

Kristian’s journey into the world of performance began in 2001 when he started acting, and in 2003, he discovered the world of improv. With a rich background in acting, improv, and theatre, Kristian brings a unique perspective to the world of communication training. Recognising the synergy between improvisation techniques and personal growth, he understands how shedding inhibitions is a key element to becoming a more effective communicator and public speaker.

Kristian’s journey embodies a commitment to authenticity, empowerment, and the belief that transformative self-development can be both enriching and enjoyable. Through ImprovYou, he continues to foster an environment where individuals not only learn valuable skills but also discover the joy in their own growth.

Meet the team

Kristian Bergagnin

Kristian Bergagnin

Founder & Head Facilitator

Sarah Han

Sarah Han

Marketing Specialist



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Sales Consultant

“We make training and development fun, interactive and practical”

Why we care

“Kristian’s coaching has been empowering and thought provoking. His empathy and genuine care to help you reach your highest self and potential has helped me work through my own self limitations and dive into the areas of my mindset that have positively influenced my confidence, performance and self belief.”

Montana Beruldsen, Sydney Swans

“Kristian tailors his approach to each individual and possesses the skill to know exactly what to assist with. I found Kristian’s personality to be very warm, positive and always eager to help.”Alexandar Sobacic, Zip Water

“Kristian helped me let go of inhibitions and get to the point of presenting confidently with a clear structure. It helps that Kristian is super passionate and I could tell that he genuinely cared about my development.”

Hannah Stevenson, Allied Health at Kennedy Reid

Why ImprovYou?

with you

Our goal is to create an environment that allows us to build an authentic connection with you. We believe that it is only through this intention, we are able to uncover the individual’s beliefs, vulnerabilities and how to be heard. Connecting with you on the foundation of trust.

Partnering on your Journey

We seek to understand you by being present, actively listening and providing support in an environment that is centred around empowerment of the individual. From our initial greeting to our last meeting, we will partner with you on your personal growth journey.

Play and

Our point of difference is embedded in our use of improvisation exercises to practice and demonstrate learning shared. Our focus on play helps our participants shed their inhibitions and enjoy the creative process of transformation and self-development.

Inspiring your growth

We aim through every interaction, whether it be through an individual session or through a group program we are able to inspire growth by providing the tools to support your transformation. We measure our success and joy by seeing our participants achieve their personal goals.

Celebrating your success

ImprovYou creates a place of support that’s filled with energy, creativity and laughter. Our commitment is to ensure that not only do participants walk away with tangible tools and techniques but more importantly the process of learning and self-discovery has been an enjoyable and rewarding investment of their time. 


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