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Building meaningful client relationships


We understand the critical importance of retaining valued clients, which is the result of delivering on services promises, the client experience and level of trust established.

This carefully structured workshop is tailored to align with your common client personas, that ensures maximum value is provided and learnings instantly applied! With a perfect blend of fun and practical activities, all participants will build awareness of various communication styles, frame considered questions to identify client needs & understand how to maintain a valued client relationship.

As an added benefit, all participants would practise how to tailor their communication style to better engage, connect and ensure all clients feeling heard.


  • 1-day or 2-day workshop
  • Tailored to deliver to your vision, goals & team focus areas
  • Interactive session that gets everyone involved
  • Educational with practical learning activities
  • Unique methodology for fast adoption
  • Live coaching & feedback
  • Safe environment to enable everyone to be heard


  • Understand various communication styles
  • Practise the delivery of key messages that tailors to various styles
  • Framing conversations, demonstrate active listening & building rapport
  • Preparing considered questions to identify client needs, beliefs & expectations
  • Releasing nerves & activating positive mindsets
  • Strengthen vocals & demonstrate positive body language
  • Thinking on your feet & manage challenging questions
  • Delivery techniques to cater for various stakeholder audiences


  • Understand your team’s needs and desired outcomes
  • Be conscious of your industry environment & culture
  • Authentically connect with your team
  • Create a safe environment
  • Support your team’s development
  • Document key outcomes and agreed accountabilities
  • Advocate for your desired goals

How it works

✔ 1-day or 2-day workshops
✔ Preparation meeting to confirm client personas and identify goals
✔ Customised program creation
✔ Held onsite or offsite
✔ Post-workshop feedback shared
✔ Reference materials provided
✔ Optional ongoing support

What’s the investment?
From $5,750 +GST (for groups of up to 20 people)

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ImprovYou creates a safe space that’s filled with energy, creativity and dedication. 

find  your voice

Our goal is to create a safe environment that allows us to build an authentic connection with you and identify your needs

play and practice

Our focus on improvised activities helps you shed your inhibitions, apply the learnings and enjoy the process of self-development.

Embody the transformation

We tailor our learning style to empower your development and provide ongoing support for sustained transformation. 

Potential unlocked!

Witnessing the outcomes of your desired goal come to life, thrills us. We love partnering with you to help achieve your potential. Let’s celebrate!

Alexander Sobacic

Customer Development, Zip Water

Kristian is the type of individual who is extremely easy to work with. He is someone who tailors his approach to each individual and possesses the skill to know exactly what to assist with. I found Kristian’s personality to be very warm, positive and always eager to help. I can say that he has definitely helped me grow both professionally and personally through his approach and expertise.


Communicating with Confidence

Unlock the confidence to present and positively impact your audience


Transform internal relationships, connections and team collaboration


Release limiting beliefs, deep dive into your mind and reclaim your best self


Become a leader worth following and maximise your career opportunities

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