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Communicating with confidence


Communicate with confidence, clarity and impact! This program is tailored for individuals and groups in any industry, to become highly effective communicators. Whether you’re a business owner, leading a team or on a personal journey of transformation, our interactive program will accelerate you or your team’s development.


  • Customisable 1-day, 2-day or 6-week program
  • Tailored to deliver to your needs
  • Customised to you or your team’s learning style
  • Educational with practical learning activities
  • Unique interactive methodology for fast adoption
  • Live coaching and feedback
  • Safe environment to maximise participation
  • Empowering you or your team’s mindset


  • Understand your own and your team’s communication style
  • Release fears, triggers and limitations
  • Breathing exercises to combat anxieties
  • Demonstrate positive body language
  • Strengthen vocals, tone and projection
  • Think on your feet and manage challenging questions
  • Delivery techniques and key messaging
  • Start strong to captivate an audience
  • Perform a presentation with confidence


  • Understand your needs and desired outcomes
  • Adapt to your learning style
  • Authentically connect with you
  • Create a safe environment
  • Support your development
  • Champion your growth
  • Celebrate your success

For Teams & Businesses

Group Workshops

✔ 1 or 2-day workshops
✔ Preparation meeting to identify goals
✔ Customised program creation
✔ Held onsite or offsite
✔ Post-workshop feedback shared
✔ Reference materials provided
✔ Optional ongoing support

What’s the investment?
From $5,750 +GST (for groups up to 20 people)

1:1 Coaching

✔ 3-6 x 60min sessions
✔ Discovery session to identify your goals
✔ Tailored development plan
✔ In-person or virtual
✔ Real-time feedback and practicing
✔ Useful resources to reference
✔ Ongoing support

What’s the investment?
From $1,500 +GST per person

For Individuals

Immersive Workshops

✔ Full-day workshop
✔ In-person in Sydney CBD
✔ Reference materials provided

Upcoming Workshops
21 Aug & 25 Sep 2024

What’s the investment?
$999 per person

1:1 Coaching

✔ 3-6 x 60min sessions
✔ Discovery session to identify your goals
✔ Tailored development plan
✔ In-person or virtual
✔ Real-time feedback and practicing
✔ Useful resources to reference
✔ Ongoing support

What’s the investment?
From $1,500 +GST per person

Ready to take the next step?

ImprovYou creates a safe space that’s filled with energy, creativity and dedication. 

Find your voice

Our goal is to create a safe environment that allows us to build an authentic connection with you and identify your needs

Play and practice

Our focus on improvised activities helps you shed your inhibitions, apply the learnings and enjoy the process of self-development.

Embody the transformation

We tailor our learning style to empower your development and provide ongoing support for sustained transformation. 

Potential unlocked!

Witnessing the outcomes of your desired goal come to life, thrills us. We love partnering with you to help achieve your potential. Let’s celebrate!

Timothy Quinn

Director at Azure Group

I was blown away by the quality of Kristian’s work with Azure Group. Working with a broad range of comfort levels and presentation styles, Kristian got the absolute best out of every single person in our cohort. I have already noticed a substantial jump in quality of communications and self-confidence across the board in my team. On a personal level I have taken part in similar programs before and came into Kristian’s a cynic – I left a convert. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their team’s communication skills.

Leanne Smith

Senior Recruitment Consultant at Brightside Recruitment

I had the pleasure of attending Kristian’s 6 week communication program. Although I work in a sales role and have done for the past 15 years, I have never been a confident public speaker, in fact, it terrifies me! My main takeaways from the course were how to overcome my public speaking anxiety, how to anchor myself in the moment and how to think clearly when under pressure. Thank you for teaching me some new life skills that I’m sure will benefit my career for many years to come! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to develop their communication skills in a personal and work capacity.

Shubham Saxena

Senior Pricing Actuary at Greenstone Financial Services

Kristian is exceptionaly great in helping individuals become confident and improving their body language. I personally credit my transformation in being able to speak with confidence and conviction to Kristian’s training, which is very unique in its pace and methods. It is also tailored to each individual’s needs and everyone in the group gains something new from the training, whether it be speaking with confidence to senior stakeholders, or communicating with impact to optimise treamwork.



Become a leader worth following and maximise your career opportunities


Transform internal relationships, connections and team collaboration


Release limiting beliefs, deep dive into your mind and reclaim your best self

Client Relations

Develop the skills to build rapport and deliver memorable client experiences

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