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“Kristian was a great facilitator and communications coach. What I appreciated most was his fun and judgement-free attitude each session, allowing the group to open up surprisingly quick.”

Sam Luo

Actuarial Analyst, RGA Australia

“Public speaking is something I would always dread but now it’s something I feel I can welcome and enjoy a lot more, rather than looking at it in a negative light. I would highly recommend this for any business – it’s really good team building as well.”

Crionna Doyle

Principal Consultant, General Insurance

“Kristian helped me let go of inhibitions and get to the point of presenting confidently with a clear structure. It helps that Kristian is super passionate and I could tell that he genuinely cared about my development.”

Hannah Stevenson

Principal Consultant, Allied Health at Kennedy Reid

“I would highly recommend Kristian’s service to all as the benefits transfer into many different situations and I have learned skills that I will use for the rest of my life.”

Laura May

Account Manager, Kennedy Reid Group

1:1 Coaching

Want to know how ImprovYou is transforming people every day? Read what our happy customers have shared.

“Kristian tailors his approach to each individual and possesses the skill to know exactly what to assist with. I found Kristian’s personality to be very warm, positive and always eager to help.”

Alexandar Sobacic

Customer Care Agent, Zip Water

“I recently had the pleasure of having Kristian mentor and coach me in effective communications and can hand on heart say it has been the most interesting and informative course I have ever been on.”

Tom Rapley

Principal Consultant, Kennedy Reid Group

“I love the way Kristian has combined his corporate experience with his improv training to create a program that really brings to life the essence of effective presentation delivery and communication.”

Eliana Leopold

General Manager or Customer Relations, Allianz

“Kristian’s commitment to helping individuals discover their true potential through one-to-one coaching is truly commendable. His tailored approach, focused on effective communication, confidence-building, and recognising unique talents, shows how much he cares about his clients’ growth.”

Sonia Gregory

Director, DVA Australian Government

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With over 20 years of experience blending educational concepts with interactive training, we can hand on heart say it’s impactful and empowering.

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