One of the most insightful comments I’ve heard is, “Our audience is a reflection of how you present.” You can either lose or lock in an audience within the first five seconds by the energy that you express. Deliver a presentation with nervous energy, and you can distract your audience; too much enthusiasm can overwhelm them; and worst of all, flat energy can lead to complete disconnection.

During my acting and theatre training, one of the most powerful tools I learned was the concept of the seven levels of energy. Here are three energy tips to lock in your audience from the start:

1. Be Authentic

Identify the energy level that most resonates with your authentic self. Authenticity is key to connecting with your audience. When you present in a way that is true to who you are, your audience is more likely to trust and engage with you. Think about the energy level that best reflects your personality and strengths, and let that guide your presentation style.

2. Be Aware

Ask yourself, “How do I want the audience to feel after hearing my overall key message?” Your desired outcome should influence your energy levels. If you want your audience to feel inspired, ensure your energy is uplifting. If you want them to feel informed and thoughtful, a calm and measured energy may be more appropriate. Being aware of the emotional impact you want to leave will help you tailor your energy effectively.

3. Be Connected

Match the level of energy you express with how you want your audience to feel. Then, record yourself and listen back to ensure it’s in alignment. This practice allows you to fine-tune your delivery and ensure that your energy is effectively engaging your audience. By connecting your energy with your message, you create a cohesive and compelling presentation that resonates from the start.

Lock in Your Audience!

By implementing these energy tips, you can create a powerful connection with your audience right from the beginning. Remember, the energy you bring to your presentation sets the tone for how your audience will receive your message.

Need Further Support?

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