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What we do

We provide communication training that inspires transformation, through connection and interaction to reclaim your confidence! From group sessions to 1:1 coaching, our interactive programs are entirely tailored to you.


Communicating with Confidence

Unlock the confidence to present and positively impact your audience every time. Our public speaking program is tailored for individuals and groups in any industry to empower their mindset, strengthen their skills and practically perform captivating presentations.


Being a Leader Worth Following

Our leadership development workshops are designed to align your team’s behavioural values, drive collaboration, and enhance performance. Leaders will strengthen their influencing skills, create strategic business plans and foster an accountable culture.


Building Meaningful Client Relationships

Our highly interactive workshop enables all participants to practically develop the skills to build rapport, establish trust and make a difference for your valued clients. This coupled with tailoring our communication style to best deliver messages to various personality types, is a game changer to delivering a memorable client experience.


Team Building & Collaboration Workshops

This carefully structured workshop will transform internal relationships, connections and team collaboration instantly! With a perfect blend of fun and practical activities, all team members will build awareness of communication styles, recognise individual strengths and establish authentic connections.


Empowering Your Mindset

By first creating a brave and then safe environment we explore how past experiences have shaped our current reality. Releasing limiting beliefs, clarifying what success looks like and taking charge towards our goals will reset and leave you with an empowered mind. Our comprehensive program laser focuses on mental wellness, resilience & cultivating a high achieving mindset.


Establishing a High Performing Team Culture

Our culture workshop supercharges your team towards alignment and productivity. This highly tailored workshop unpacks the team’s vision, mission and behavioural values and helps build awareness, connection & commitment to living these principles every single day!

Ready to take the next step?

ImprovYou creates a safe space that’s filled with energy, creativity and dedication. 

find  your voice

Our goal is to create a safe environment that allows us to build an authentic connection with you and identify your needs

play and practice

Our focus on improvised activities helps you shed your inhibitions, apply the learnings and enjoy the process of self-development.

Embody the transformation

We tailor our learning style to empower your development and provide ongoing support for sustained transformation. 

Potential unlocked!

Witnessing the outcomes of your desired goal come to life, thrills us. We love partnering with you to help achieve your potential. Let’s celebrate!


We’re anything but typical! Traditionally communication courses bombard you with content, hoping you retain as much detail as possible. But we are strong believers that training concepts are best absorbed when delivered in multiple ways in a safe and supportive environment. We take you through Mind Preparation, Skill Building and Delivery Techniques. And most importantly, we use improvisation exercises to enable you to maximise the benefits of training!


Good question! Our point of difference is embedded in our use of improvisation exercises for all participants to shed their inhibitions and enjoy the creative process of transformation and self-development.

One of the most common stumbling blocks faced after training, is taking the first step to apply what was just learnt. That’s where improv comes in. We fast track the learning process by creating customised learning activities to immediately put into practise the key educational concepts shared. Through live coaching, feedback and refinement, we’ll have you walking tall, confident and capable during the workshop, so you hit the ground running!

Why Choose Us

Above anything else, we care about your transformation! We deliver interactive training that is fun, practical and memorable.

Fun: We ensure the learning experience is one where every participant is engaged, energised and present. 

Practical: We value everyone’s time, so we only provide tailored training that speaks to your world and needs.

Memorable: We provide customised frameworks to support the learnings shared and embed a new set of high-performing standards.

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